I’ve Been Pondering QR Codes, Too

QR codes. I’ve played with creating one. I’ve read how wonderful they are. Marketers and advertisers  jumped on them as the latest, coolest thing, and they are popping up everywhere. I’ve even created one with my own contact information. But I’ve always had the nagging feeling that they are a mostly solution looking for a problem. Will people really whip out their smart phones, find the scanner app, and scan the QR code on the blue jeans ad to see what they will get?

Here’s a great article by Sean Cummings on iMedia Connection called “Why the QR Code is Failing.” Sean doesn’t blame the technology, the tool. He blames the people using it. I actually wonder if he goes far enough. Sure, the way they’re being used is generally pointless. But do QR codes really have potential for marketers, even if used intelligently and creatively? I’m not sure.

Read Sean’s article HERE and see what you think.

What's This?

I wonder what scanning this will do?










And have a great Thursday!


About Peter Feldman

I'm a marketing and communications pro with more than 25 years experience helping professional service businesses get the right message to the right people in the right way. I’m also an adjunct professor of English.

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