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A Catalogue of Lies

I’m going to update this periodically with the catalogue of Trumpian lies as the campaign progresses through its final weeks.

Here’s my problem: Biden is running on quality of character, among other things. Trump has no quality of character. He’s a sociopathic narcissist. He lies constantly, always willing to take the lowest road there is to achieve his ends. Biden and his campaign trust the American people not to fall for Trump’s lies, but they did in 2016 and they very well could again. Biden believes goodness and light will always prevail. Trump believes just the opposite. It’s really a difference that boils down to the nature of people. referring to Trump and his enablers, Biden likes to say, “That’s not who we are.” But is he right? It’s not clear the evidence is on his side. So let’s keep checking the facts, because facts may be all we have to fight with if we want to defeat the sociopathic narcissist. Joe Biden and Michelle and Barack Obama and so many others may want to appeal to our better angels, to take the high road, but for far too many Americans, those better angels have been locked in the basement.

Fact check: Trump delivers blizzard of false claims in Pennsylvania speech attacking Biden

 Daniel Dale profile

By Daniel Dale, CNN

Updated 7:22 AM ET, Fri August 21, 2020