About the Light and the Maybe Not Light

Why “The Morning Light”? Because that’s when the light begins to move, first illuminating a little corner, then a side, then a bit more, until the day is fully lit and showing itself for all that it is. Morning light has promise because it leaves some things unrevealed, saving them – for better or worse – for later. It’s my favorite light.

It’s also the name of my marketing business, Morninglight Marketing & Communications, LLC. Professional Services Marketing (mostly attorneys) is what I do. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to do it better. If you take the time to look about, you’d discover that lots of people think about this topic and write about it in blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn group discussions, magazines, web sites, and on and on. I’m quickly headed toward overload of advice on how lawyers should treat clients with more respect and learn more about how they feel, how lawyers can win more of their clients’ wallet share, how they might become their clients’ trusted advisors at the top of the relationship pyramid. It’s all true, but I’m not going to add my own tuba to this symphony of conventional wisdom already playing so loudly. I’m more of a fan of unconventional wisdom. Side-light.

So when I have a thought that I haven’t already read a hundred times, I’ll put it here and perhaps generate a little dialogue.

I also think about language quite a bit. I have to because all of the voices in my head are speaking English, in spite of the best efforts of a few foreign language teachers. They never shut the hell up, even when I ask, and sometimes they say things I find curious. Fortunately, I recognize all of these voices, and even more fortunately, they don’t tell me to do anything grotesque. I don’t feel compelled to listen to them anyway; if I did, I’d weigh 50 pounds less. I’ll post the occasional rant about how we use language.

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